Thursday, October 29, 2009

ZOO : Trilogi Peradaban (coming soon)

we are happy to announce the rerelease of the previously only available in indonesia on 3 disc CDR box edition of 100 one of Yogyakartas finest bands Zoo's Trilogi Peradaban.

Yogyakarta’s Zoo’s successful concoction of its punk rock roots with a seasoning of traditional music elements makes them a beacon of the Indonesian Underground. Their debut album, Trilogi Peradaban (Civilization Trilogy) is formed by three distinct movements forged from sessions conducted in 2007/08, tracing the bands fast evolution from the Ruins-esque proto-punk of Neolithikum (New Stone Age) and Mesolithikum (Middle Stone Age) to the spontaneous folkish neo traditionalism ranting of Palaeolithikum (Old Stone Age). With 22 tracks ranging from dissonant math-rock expelled in quick Melt Banana like successions to acoustic shamanistic vocal uttering’s produced with the Skeletal framed lineup of drums, bass and Jembe, all lined with the deft vocalisations of Rully Shabara Herman telling a story of the deterioration of cultural roots in modern civilization.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009



Dokaka, is a one manned voice, no effect, no auto-tune, no edit, no sampling, DIY human synthesizer. Most will remember him as the Japanese beatboxer whose vocal only reinterpretations of Led Zeppelin, Slayer, the Rolling Stones, and many others gained cult status when his mp3’s went viral. The sensation was enough to attract the attention of Björk who incorporated his unusual skill into her 2004 Medúlla album. Now in 2009 Dokaka has recorded his first album of original material ‘HUMAN INTERFACE’ which is now available for the first time outside of Japan courtesy of cultural maverick imprint dualpLOVER. The album includes 17 hours of vocal insanity multi-tracked into 88 muttered micro tracks.

Dokaka’s style is unlike that of the hip hop beatboxers, firstly he’s not really a beatboxer as he multitracks his vocals sometimes with as many as 20 passes per song. However the most important distinction is Dokaka’s intent. Without a Hip Hop background he first started vocally mimicking music while humming along to his television as a child and by the age of six was making tapes of his efforts. These childhood skills almost went unnoticed until he starting playing drums with bands as a teenager. During one practice after the bass player failed to show up, Dokaka filled in by humming the bassline. The singer was so taken with his vocal ability he encouraged him to record which lead onto his mp3’s / Björk and now this album.

"this is the evolution of beatboxing, a one man barbers shop quartet attacked by a rubber lipped banshee"
-BobBakerFish, Inpress Magazine.

vialka review in the big takeover

review of SUCCES PLANETAIRE INTERNATIONAL in the big take over by Paul Lemos:


With their third album, this French duo has created their richest, most
intricately arranged music, rife with musical surprises. Marylise
Frenchville’s agile drumming and urgent torch singing, supported by Eric
Boro’s nimble, dynamic guitar work recalls the Spartan intensity and
virtuosity of another mighty French band, Etron Fou Leloublan.
Vialka’s wildly unpredictable compositions, full of unexpected twists
and turns, combine elements of folk, prog rock, improvisation, jazz and
cabaret within the group’s own eccentric, distinctly European aesthetic.
Enhanced by a handful of guest players and Bob Drake’s able production,
“Succes” is another fascinating chapter in Vialka’s creative