Monday, December 20, 2010

Captain Ahab End of Irony Australian Edition Launch Tour and Pre-Sale Offer

Ahoy Clubbers get ready to rumble as Los Angeles’ godlike Captain Ahab return with the Australian red edition of End of Irony. Seamen of the highest order team Ahab are part machine, part dance savant, who spout post club raveploitation music riddled with estranging misogynistic lyrics with a thoroughly homoerotic aftertaste.

No plain sailing, this new LP/CD set is packed with exclusive tracks like Lift Me Up, Club Girl, The Litany of Captain Ahab, After the Party, The End of Irony & Pornography and for the first time on Vinyl (or any tangible format for that matter) Rock & Roll Positive and Was Love plus drastically reworked versions of Get Fucked in the Club, How 2 Party, The Calm Before the Sword.

available here

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Launch Tour Dates, all shows with TOECUTTER

170211 Sydney, IGUANA BAR.
+ passenger of shit
Ove-Naxx (japan)
MC Gaff E
9pm til late $15

180211 Sydney, GOODGOD
+ DJ Rainbow Ejaculation
Simo Soo
Toxic Lipstick
babayaga witches (japan)
9pm til late $15

190211 Hobart, The Brisbane Hotel
+ + Bankai and AManCallesCraig more TBA
$10, doors at 9pm.

250211 Melbourne, Anytime Place, Ovens St, Brunswick
+ Barrage
Horse MacGyver
more TBA
10pm til late $15

260211 Brisbane (no toecutter)
The Decline of Modern Civilisation
Saturday 26 February
Jubilee Hotel (upstairs)
8.30pm, $10
+STAG, Dot.AY, Wtem, DJ Juga Juga
B.A.S.S DJs (DJ Lame vs DJ Peer Pressure)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Australian Oz Rock Classics as Interpreted By American Song Poem Companies

American Song/Poems companies have exisited for decades, basically song sharks who prey on amateur lyricists, exploiting their ambition to break into the music business. Under the guise of a co-writing ‘partnership’, they will hastily arrange accompanying music to basically any lyrics sent in, for a fee! pitting the naivety of aspiring song writers from across North America with bored overworked sweatshop musicians.

Although their heyday was throughout the 50's 60's and 70's Incredibly I discovered these companies still exist to this day so I decided to hear what they would come up with if i presented them with some of Australia's biggest hits that failed to chart in America. So i pretended these lyrics as my own sending them lyrics to two companies, Magic Key in Utah and The Nashville Song Service in Tennessee, asking them to compose music for them.

these are the results, enjoy!


to celebrate dualpLOVER's first Free Digital Download release we are going to have a listening party for these and other song poem gems as well as a screening of the incredible documentary 'Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story' which features appearances by David Fox at Magic Key who had a go at writing music for the Skyhooks - Ego, Radiators - Gimme head and Mondo Rocks - Come Said the Boy!!!.

Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story (2003)
directed by Jamie Meltzer

Wednesday 3rd November
GRUB, 643 elisabeth st waterloo (entry via rear lane)
listening party from 7pm to 10pm, film screening at 8pm
entry and refreshments by donation

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Auraltered State #5

The performance space in association with dualpLOVER invites you to Auraltered State #5 the fifth in a series of eight free concerts to be conducted across 2010/11 focussing on the music of New South Wales as heard through the ears of Lucas Abela. These performances will cross a wide spectrum of music from the state, focused on presenting evenings of contrasting music’s from some of our more irreverent, innovative, unusual and original artists from now, then and the future. All shows will be held at the new Performance Space Clubhouse, with a limited capacity of 100 patrons so please come early. This series has been kindly supported by the NSW ministry of the arts.

//HORSEMACGYVER\\\ (canberra)
Horse MacGyver (formerly as is now always a ///▲▲▲\\\) is a sound and video artist toying with breakdown and smoked out feedback. Slurring lines between multiple genres of music, none of his live shows have been entirely the same thing twice.Y

Robbie Avenaim and Lloyd Honeybrook are Fucked. In every sense of the word. The two have been playing together in various forms for half a decade, but with both exploring the sheer extremities of their respective instruments - Robbie with his mechanical kick-drum pedals and Lloyd with his feedback sax - this duo is undoubtedly the most fucked thing they've done. Sonically somewhere between Borbetomagus, Napalm Death demos and your unfavourite noisecore band, but so much more antagonistic. These guys take 1600 bpm bass drum blastbeats and hideously loud saxophony to exactly where you would expect it: pure fuckedness. Fresh off their Japan tour where they collaborated with the likes of Optron (Atsuhiro Ito) and Shoji Hano (High Rise), and shared stages with Corrupted, Lasse Marhaug, Otomo Yoshihide and other purveyors of brutality, the two are pushing themselves even harder to levels of devastation. First Sydney show!

Martin Ng
Martin, formerly known as DJ Scalpel Chest is considered the 4th sexiest Asian man in Sydney. He was also runner-up in the Dr Hot competition of 1999. As a heart surgeon, an extraordinary musician and experimental sound artist, Martin is at the cutting edge of a new musical genre dubbed 'cardiologycore' (though rival medical teams have also dubbed the genre 'ambient post-heartbreak doom'). He also spent time hitting the skins for The Transplants, keeping the pulse of the band's melodic punk roots alive, in the same vein as Artery Agogo. Martin now divides his interest between twirling the needles in the suture room and twirling the decks.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HOMELESS#1 [ONLY OZ GIG for Boredoms side projects Zach Hill and NO MOA DURAMMA]

Side project of Hisham Bharoocha & Butchy Fuego. Both of these prolific drummers/artists have played in a wide variety of settings with different people. In addition to both being current members of the iconic Japanese experimental band Boredoms, Hisham's musical legacy includes Soft Circle, Pixeltan, Black Dice and organizing 77,88, 9, and Boadrum 10. Butchy has played with Pit Er Pat, M.I.A., NA FUEGO & Matteah Baim, in addition to being an established producer making albums with bands such as The Red Krayola, These Are Powers, Hecuba & many more.


is a musician residing in Sacramento, California. Primarily known for his drumming, he performs/has performed in numerous Pacific Coast based groups, including his primary group, Hella, as well as Holy Smokes, Nervous Cop [with Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Joanna Newsome], and a diverse range of others including El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez [basically a meld of Hella and the Mars Volta memebers], Team Sleep (featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones), Goon Moon, Marnie Stern, Crime in Choir, The Ladies (a duo with Rob Crow of Pinback), Bygones (a duo with Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos), CHLL PLL (a duo with Zac Nelson) and Flössin (a collaboration with Christopher Willits and rotating members Kid606, Matmos, Nate Boyce and Carson McWhirter).

also on the bill are

Menstruation Sisters are more of a natural phenomenon than a musical group. Owing more to the sound of ice melting and eggs hatching than strummed guitars and pounded drums, the Sisters keep one ear on the ground and the other towards the atmosphere. Rather than working within the lines of modern rhythm and structure, they revert towards a primal direction, cutting off the fat and oozing forth only the most natural and unfettered sounds. Naturally, such a technique can be unsettling, as it's not something most humans are interested to hear, or have heard since upright-walking became a viable mode of transportation. This is music for those who kill their own food.

What's been described as ''a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe'' is in fact the unique work of Justice Yeldham, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. In his infamous show that has astonished and bemused countless people in over 40 countries, yeldham ecstatically purses his lips against sheets of amplified glass whilst deftly employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, turning discarded shards into crude musical instruments. The results are a wild array of cacophonous noise that is strangely controlled and oddly musical. The instruments simple, original and effective premise is a welcome riposte to over complicated musical performances of modern times. A one of a kind act re-defining the expression 'don't try this at home' this show quite simply needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated, let alone understood.

Crab Smasher is a NSW based group of improvisational sound sharks crafting a frenzied hodgepodge of weirdo psychedelic noise rock and experimental pop delicious. The band formed in 2002 as a cheesy electronic novelty noise act and have since mutated through a number of confusing formations into the sellout 4-5 headed rock-and-roll hydra that exists today. With about 13 or 14 CDR, cassette, and digital releases to their name, the band is currently working on a new LP, which promises to be both titillating and queer.


friends of mine i toured with in the US who just happen to be in town this week and asked for a show.

13th Oct from 8pm
presale tix $15
otherwise $25 on the door @ Home Nightclub, Darling Harbour

20:30 21:00 The Dawns

21:10 21:50 Crab Smasher

22:00 22:45 No Moa Duramma

22:55 23:10 Justice Yeldham

23:20 0:05 Zach Hill

0:15 0:50 Menstruation Sisters

all set times are estimations

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Naked on the Vague in europe

even though the poster omits us as a label i thought i'ld spurk them anyway

more tour details at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KK Null solo show Sydney 3rd OCT

Special Intimate Sunday late afternoon show by Kazuyuki Kishino Null at GRUB (address supplied with tix purchase), 3rd of October, doors 5:30 KK live from 6pm til 7pm, Strictly limited capacity $15 presale tix only.

available here

Brainwashed Review Zoo and Even Teach Me a Thing or Two About the Album

This terrific debut from Indonesia shows how passion, rage and sorrow translate into any language. It's a concept album reflecting cultural destruction and persistence; echoing Melt Banana, Naked City, and zeuhl before devolving into folk laments with added flute.

Trilogi Peradaban consists of 22 pieces taken from three recording sessions circa 2007-2008. On the album they are divided into three distinct sections named Neolithikum, Mesolithikum, and Palaeolithikum, or New Stone Age, Middle Stone Age, and Old Stone Age. This all lasts about 40 minutes during which Zoo range from cathartic bass and drum blasts, fierce howling and jabbering, to heavy riffing, deep but abrasive melodies, pseudo-operatic bombast and peaceful acoustic ballads.

The album title means Civilization Trilogy and while this is not a blow by blow account of Indonesian history there is an underlying complexity here that had me researching. Not least, the language and the origin of certain important words. The song "Merdeka" for example is clearly a battle-cry for independence. The word itself is from Sanskrit and has come to mean "freed slave" since Portuguese and Dutch domination of the region. "Merdeka" is among the first 16 tracks which combine a punk aesthetic with the avant-rock genre "zeuhl" as pioneered by Magma. Starting out with "Manekin Bermesin" which probably means something akin to "Puppet Machine" these short, sharp, blasts of aggression use bass guitar and drumming to ignite a musical firestorm. Simple folk sounds and pacing are gradually introduced in the Middle Stone Age section; the contrast is excellent.

Christian Zander of Magma, of course invented his own language -Kobaian- whereas Zoo appear to use Javanese with snippets of Sanskrit, poetry, Islamic references and punk politics. They incorporate a traditional Aceh poem on "Kelak" which doubtless refers to the recent quest for independence in that region. I had rather hoped it was a mention of the Cardassian Damar-class destroyer starship of the Cardassian Union's Central Command in active service around the year 2376 (as per Star Trek). Oh well, we can't have everything.

"Kelak" is part of the last section of Trilogi Peradaban wherein the group exhibit signs of having been possessed by ancient ghosts who shun aggression and modern electric instruments for a mode of expression which favors acoustic sound. Here Zoo slows rhythms and supplements its spirited wailing with mournful harmony and suling (a traditional flute). Throughout the album, lead singer Rully Shabara Herman whacks the jembe (hand drum) and his distinctive voice revels in both the grinding fury of much of the record and the minimal primitivism of the Old Stone Age section.

As aforementioned, this isn't a complete map or history of Indonesia. Indeed, it could be impossible to trace a path from what scientists believe is"Java Man," through Hindu and Islamic dynasties, into European (spice-trade motivated) co-option, independence, new orders, modern democracy, and East Timor, and somehow make coherent artistic sense of Indonesia (and its 17,508 islands). The territory is now home to the world's largest concentration of Muslims. Previously it was home to the world's largest concentration of communists outside of an actual Communist regime. That was until 1965 when (with a list of names from the always helpful CIA) the military and (in the words of Tariq Ali) "Islamist vigilantes" wiped out at least a million communists and their "sympathizers." One of Zoo's songs, "Perang, Saudara," quotes the word "Babat" from Pramoedya Anata Toer, a writer from that era. I'm not sure what the word means but he apparently said as much to Dutch colonists. He was imprisoned (probably for being a leftist) but survived until his death in Jakarta on April 30, 2006.

Zoo use the word "perang" (war) quite often and their music seems to contain both cathartic anger and an accompanying desire for peaceful humanity. I suspect this is a normal reaction to hearing about times such as those when scores of genitals of murdered male communists were hung outside brothels as a warning, but it might just be a healthy rejection of MTV Asia.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Justice Yeldham, G'ay USA Tour 2010

Los Angeles 270710 Justice Yeldham @ ding a ling, 1941 Hyperion in Silverlake

Los Angeles 280710 Justice Yeldham @ Spaceland

West Oakland 300710 Justice Yeldham @ East Nile + Kevin Blechdom, Ola Stahl (Sweden), 7EV3.

Los Angeles 310710 Justice Yeldham @ Origami Vinyl

Los Angeles 020810 Justice Yeldham @ Pehrspace

Mexico City 060810 Justice Yeldham @ Simulacros Naturales @ Ex-Teresa Arte Actual + Helios Beltrán.

Easthampton 130810 Justice Yeldham @ flywheelarts + keith fullerton whitman, diagram a.

Boston 140810 Justice Yeldham @ Starlab + Heathen Shame, Wolves and the Radio, The Vomit Arsonist, James Lindsey.

Providence 150810 Justice Yeldham @ TBA

New York 170810 Justice Yeldham @ The Red Light District, 1034 Bay 25th Street, Far Rockaway + Dave Phillips, Yellow Tears, Diablo.

New York 180810 Justice Yeldham @ Port d'Or + Solypsis

Pittsburgh 190810 Justice Yeldham @ THE SHOP, 4312 Main St + Solypsis, Michael Johnsen

Chicago 220810 Justice Yeldham @ neon marshmallow

Minneapolis 230810 Justice Yeldham @ karnak gallery + Solypsis, Disthroned Agony.

Omaha 240810 Justice Yeldham @ the hole, 715 S 16th St + Solypsis, bad speler, violator x, plack blague, and seeded plain

Denver 250810 Justice Yeldham @ Old Curtis Street + Solypsis, Page 27, Armenia.

Wichita 260810 Justice Yeldham @ xibalba, 1005 w. 2nd st + Solypsis, Low Oriole, Vagaries of Magic.

Denton 270810 Justice Yeldham @ THE MAJESTIC DWELLING OF DOOM + Solypsis

Austin 280810 Justice Yeldham @ FREEDUMB FEST 2013 @ Discovery Village, 3305 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd + Solypsis

Houston 290810 Justice Yeldham @ super happy fun land, 9pm + Solypsis, Kai-Ros, Richard Ramirez, Sean E Matzus.

New Orleans 300810 Justice Yeldham @ TBA + Solypsis and heaps more.

Gainesville 310810 Justice Yeldham @ The Laboratory + Solypsis, Aaron Zarzutzki, Ironing, Frog.

Miami 010910 Justice Yeldham @ Churhills + Solypsis, Squelchers

St. Augustine 020910 Justice Yeldham @ Nobby's Sports Tavern + Solypsis, Creep City, Douglas/ Gruda/ Ivy/ Johnson/ Williams Quintet

Savannah 030910 Justice Yeldham @ the sentient bean + Solypsis

Atlanta 040910 Justice Yeldham @ eyedrum + Solypsis, FREE BASS, MIKE PAYNE.

Nashville 050910 Justice Yeldham @ Bettys bar & grill, 407 49th aVE. N. + Solypsis, God willing, Unicorn hard on, Mr natural, Hobbledeions

Johnson City 060910 Justice Yeldham @ The Hideaway, 235 E. main st + Solypsis

Raleigh 070910 Justice Yeldham @ Kings + Solypsis, Irene Moon and Clang Quartet

Richmond 080910 Justice Yeldham @ STRANGE MATTER. + Solypsis, HEAD MOLT and TWILIGHT MEMORIES.

Baltimore 090910 Justice Yeldham @ T hill + Solypsis

Philadelphia 100910 Justice Yeldham @ Pageant:Soloveev + Solypsis

New York 110910 Justice Yeldham @ Silent Barn + Solypsis, Zs, Rust Worship.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lets Build a Fort

basically due to the fact i have hundreds of milk crates left over at the vinyl rally site that need to go someplace i've decided to form a flashmob this sunday to build a children's play fort with milk crates.

cable ties
wire snips (or something you can cut cable ties with)
extra crates (if you could be bothered, i have plenty but the more the merrier i spose)
beer / wine
a plate with food on it
a creative disposition
and friends

Sunday, 11 July 2010
12:30 - 14:30
Green Bans Park
Cnr Erskinevillee Rd and Albert St Erskineville.

here are some awesome crate builds for inspiration

new edited Vinyl Arcade Video

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Al Duvall touring australia with C.W Stoneking

Catch Al Duvall in his lightning fast tour of the great southern land with C.W Stoneking. I have a feeling these will sell out quite quickly so if you can get hold of pre sale tickets do it. Al's most recent release Recluses unite is available from Al at shows or online here as either mp3 download or cd. Rumour has it album number 7 is almost in the can also.

8th July
The Corner Hotel - 57 Swan St, Richmond, Melbourne (ph 03 9427 9198)
or Corner box office Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

9th July
The Prince Of Wales - 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda Melbourne
Ticket sales - (ph 03 9536 1168)
Prince of Wales public bar, Polyester Records (City & Fitzroy), Greville Records (Prahran)

10th July
Selina's @ Coogee Bay Hotel - Cnr Coogee Bay Rd & Arden St, Coogee NSW
Ticket sales - (ph 132 849) & Ticketek outlets, 1300 438 849) & Moshtix outlets

11th July
The Zoo - 711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD
Ticket sales - (ph 1300 762 545)
& all Oztix outlets

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lucas Abela on Radiant FBI radio Tonight about 10pm

listen to 94.5 (sydney) or stream (world) Radiant on FBI radio tonight as Lucas Abela comes in to chat about dualplover, happy new financial year, rice corspe and justice yeldham.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


the HAPPY NEW FINANCIAL YEAR PARTY! is happy top annouce it's annual END OF FINANCIAL YEAR STOCKTAKE SALE! yes with only two sleeps til the party we are shredding ticket prices, first from now til midnight tonight tickets will be only $2 then on tuesday $4 and then on the day of the party up until 4pm $6, this is your last chance to buy cheap tickets cause as promise they will be $25 on the door!!!

These prices are available through dualplover at the below paypal and credit card links only!! however i'm sure any of the bands will be happy to price match or do better if you contact them at the links on this page.

TIX CLOSED NOW DOOR ONLY (free from midnight)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vinyl Rally POV video

Vinyl Rally is over so until next time here's a vid of me ripping up on the track that i have to start tearing down!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Come spend your Financial New Year where the Capitalists come to Dance!!

30th June 9pm til very very late @ HOME


DRUNK ELK (hobart)

AXXONN (brisbane) only show in Sydney

YONG ROMANTIX (melbourne)



















DUALPLOVER IS CURRENTLY SELLING AT $10 (price may change at our whim)

or by credit card from

or contact your favourite band (links above) and put your money
directly in the pockets of the artists you love the most

otherwise TIX will be available on the door on the night for $25
(designed to rip off typical home patrons)

heres a taste

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vinyl Rally Time Trials

Calling all Sydney-based speed junkies and noise freaks, dualpLOVER, NIME and the Australia Council for the Arts invites you to sign up for the Vinyl Rally time trials.

Compete in DJ Smallcock’s Vinyl Arcade, a participatory play-set and sound / video installation combining vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports in a video racing game played within a real world setting.

Starting Monday June 14th, particpants will be able to race remote control cars with audio pick-ups attached to their chassis through a course constructed from a mass of vinyl records. Using vintage video arcade consoles and video projections of the cars’ P.O.V., competitors will not only control the movements of the vehicles but also the parameters of the resulting sounds they create.

Held at NITROSEPTIMUS, 35 Septimus Street, Erskineville, tonight’s opening night will host free time to allow potential competitors to get a feel for the course. Drivers will then be able to sign up for the time trials to be held over the next five days. The fastest of these will then be invited back on June 21st for a closing night round robin to compete for prizes and the admiration of millions as the beauty of battle intermingles with broader aesthetics.

A place where art, fun and competition meet in a giant cacophonous roar, DJ Smallcock’s Vinyl Arcade opens 6pm on Monday June 14th, then two sessions daily from 12 – 3pm and 5 – 8pm until the final round robin on June 21st.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Al Duvall (NY) invited tio join CW Stoneking on National tour

New York City's master of black witted double double entendre and a stupendously great banjo playing master of old time vaudeville is back, and this time he's been asked by none other than Australia's own CW Stoneking to join him on a national tour in july.

Wed July 7 - Adelaide, The Gov
Thu July 8 - Melbourne, Corner Hotel
Fri July 9 - Melbourne, The Prince
Sat July 10 - Sydney, Selina's at Coogee Bay Hotel
Sun July 11 - Brisbane, The Zoo

you'll be a total and utter nut job to miss these shows.

here's some free samples of Al at work, with tracks taken from his past six albums to wet your appetite.

If you need more and you most certainly will we have copies of Al's two dualplover releases Recluses Unite and The Timid Mischief (last copies) as well as a few Rabbits Foot Factory, Coroners & Knives and Hey Rube for sale. While stocks last we'll do a special deal for Australian customers only all 5 available albums for the unmissable price of $40 postage to anywhere in australia!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FleshFlute joining Auraltered State #4 bill

Unfortunately Reverend Kriss Hades has gone and broken his arm, Fleshflute featuring half of Ffehro the other canceled band from this hexxed evening of sound will be taking his place, sorry for any inconvenience both Ffehro and the good reverend have promised to make appearances later in the year.

audio previw for your downloading pleasure

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Auraltered State Season Two

The second season of three is apon us with Auraltered State #3 and #4 just around the corner. The series persented by The performance space in association with dualpLOVER consists of eight free concerts conducted across 2010 focussing on the music of New South Wales as heard through the ears of Lucas Abela. These performances will cross a wide spectrum of music from the state, focused on presenting evenings of contrasting music’s from some of our more irreverent, innovative, unusual and original artists from now, then and the future. All shows will be held at the new Performance Space Clubhouse, situated in bay #12 which has a limited capacity of 100 patrons so please come early. This series has been kindly supported by the NSW ministry of the arts.

Auraltered State #3 - 29th May

Holy Balm

Holy Balm are a three piece psychedelic dance jam. Their heavy rhythms and droning textures have carved out a unique place in Sydney's underground DIY music and imrov scene. Holy Balm are informed by many styles of danceable inclusive musics as well as many forms of brutally heavy crack pot psychedelia. During live shows many dimensions of sound flourish into soothing rhythm potions, only to later transform into punch funk wobblies. Guitars become drums, synths form a molten expanse, blanketing the audience in waves of euphoria, disorientation and the impulse to move. The multiplicity of sound, dance and trance like states are all important to Holy Balm and hope to share this you when we meet. Pick it up and make a noise, make some time.

Purple Duck

Not to be confused with the Purple Loon, Purple Diver, Purple Grebe, Purple Gallinule or Purple Coot the Purple Duck is the more common name for the best MC in the world. Yes he’s very very good, well hot enough to burn down a herd of yobbo MC's like pieces of wood. The great purple quacker's masterful emceeing skills are not his only talent, beyond mere hip hop he can sport a quick succession of genres flying think and fast, his repertoire taking on everything from the pop punk rock anthems to tear jerking Balladeering.


Soundsmith Paul Gough aka pimmon was once a solitary music maker dabbling in sonics privately throughout the 1980's. This went on until 1999 when Paul finally decided to let the rest of us know what he was up to. Since his work has been fevourishly consumed, gaining seemingly instant worldwide recognition and popularity, and attracting the attentions of labels like Fällt, Tigerbeat6, Staalplaat, Dorobo, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon amongst many others whom over the last decade have helped him produce a prolific body or releases. His music is a unique mixture of drone- and glitch-based abstract digital soundscapes, which he creates using a variety of sound sources that he manipulates on his computer creating buzzes and blips, distorted rumbles, ghosts of melody, radar pulses, glitched ambience all melted into an unpredictable slab of sound that fluctuates on and off.


Auraltered State #4 - 5Th June

Royal Headache

"Raw can mean unprepared, rough, makeshift or crude. It can also mean painfully open or brutally harsh. Then there’s raw as in uncooked –we’re talking salmonella here. The music of Sydney’s Royal Headache ticks all these boxes. The four-piece play the kind of poppy punk that gets down on its knees, grasps its hands together and just begs you to dance rather than stand there with your arms all crossed." Mess and Noise

Rev Kriss Hades

Reverend Kriss Hades (Sadistik Exekution) one man black metal show is a feast for the wayward soul, the revered literally attacking customised guitars with furiously improvised black metal debauchery accompanied by a multimedia display highlighting how evil flowing water, raging flames and moving clouds can be.

Rice Corpse

After years of glassing himself across the globe, Lucas Abela, has taken his glass playing in a totally new direction, incorporating a rhythm section, of drums - Peter Kostic (Regurgitator/ Hard-ons) and piano - Stu Olsen (Garbage & the Flowers/ Rand and Holland) who are collectively known as Rice Corpse. Formed in late 2009 after Lucas became nostalgic for the original but short lived Beijing line up with drumer Yang Yang (Mafeisan) and pianist Li Zenghui who recorded the album Mrs Rice and did a 10 city tour of China during his Asialink residency in 2008. Also performing on the 31st may at the opera house as part of Vivid festival Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson


I've been recording the sets so far, here's a taste of what's happened so far.

Newcastles magnificent Crab Smasher Live at Auraltered State #2

and the haunted cocktail party sounds of Maker of the Dead Travel Fast from Auraltered State #1

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dual plover table at MCA zine fair

Look out for the dual plover stall at the MCA zine fair this sunday, we will be selling all distro, publications and weird and rare stuff for wholesale prices. Come on down!


Sunday 25 May 11.00am-6.00pm
MCA in collaboration with the Sydney Writers Festival and the Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics (UNSW) presents speakers, bands and a zine fair in the Foundation Hall. Visitors will be able to sell, buy or swap zines and enjoy free guided tours of the exhibitions.

Street level access is located at 140 George Street, The Rocks. Visitors with restricted mobility can enjoy all public areas of the Museum, including galleries and function areas.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 new Justice Yeldham related releases.

Skills/Faces | DVD | Blossoming Noise | USA | 2010
A documentary featuring Lucas Abela, Rudolf, & Zbigniew Karkowski, thye shot this thing a long time ago in Bremen, Germany in 2004 and hopefully i didn't say anything too stupid. The DVD comes with bonus film Faces which includes live footage from Peter Flemmig, Dave Phillips, MSBR, Tim Hecker, & Kouhei Matsunaga. Edition of 300.

Justice Yeldham / Dave Phillips | Two Thousand-Five / Spilt LP | Blossoming Noise | USA | 2010
A live-document of Dave Phillips and Justice Yeldham 2005 North American tour recorded in Bloomington, Denver, San francisco & Los Angeles. another six year wait between conception and release. Edition of 300 on white vinyl.


Zelphabet | Vol. J | Compilation CD | Zelphabet | USA | 2010
J themed Compilation CD with Justice Yeldham, John Duncan / John Wiese / Jon Rose / Joseph Hammer from GX Jupiter Larsons - Zelphabet series.

To celebrate keg and we thought we'ld have a tri-launch at 643 Elisabeth St Waterloo, on thursday may 20th at 7pm, which will include a screening of Skills doco (of which i've only seen a rough cut, and keg is yet to see) + a very intimate live performance by Justice Yeldham.

Free, BYO food and drink!

all 3 releases will be available on the night (limited quantities) if you cant make it and want a copy they are available here

Monday, May 10, 2010


And for those of you under the age of 40 who don't know who winner are:

Billions of years ago amphibious creatures crawled out of the swamp. Then
dinosaurs came. They died. Some of the others got thumbs and learned how to
stand up. They developed societies, art and music. Unfortunately for them a
creature evolved quite recently which has kinda ruined it all. It's got
three heads!!!!!!.It's called WINNER. It's alive it's a throwback! Cmon
smell its victory. Featuring dual plover artists and owners ,.sweden , swerve and lt col spastic howitzer

Fun and Games
Saturday 15th May at Dirty Shirlows,32 Shirlow Street,

$10 * til very very late (winner on at 1.30am)

A benefit for Channel 0 and to buy our mate a new eye.

LINE UP....................


Cherry 2000

Pre recorded (or DJ's as they are more commonly called)

Mashy P
Freedom Sound Crew

Massive visual installation by Eyebyte

VJs: Stamp and Micra

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vialka, Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's show, 4/20/2010

after completing their australian tour vialka headed for the states for more touring!!! and straight off ther boat they knocked this live session of for the legendary Brian Turner at WFMU enjoy,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rice Corpse Shows

Reveryones favourite drum / piano and glass trio ice Corpse have 3 shows in the coming days

tomorrow at 4:30pm (australian eastern) on FBI radio streamable from

then two more in person real shows

oh and the band are also now confirmed for dualplover's Happy New Financial Year party at Home (on the 30th june obviously) tickets for this show are only available form the bands playing so that you the customer van put money into the pockets of the bands you want to hear, if that band is Rice Corpse please buy your tickets from us.

Full line up and details available here

and while i'm here i just posted the first public offerings of the new rice corpse oz style line up with peter kostic on drums, stu olsen on piano and lucas abela on glass on the FMA, have a listen.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As seen on Hey Hey its Wednesday!!!!

Our very own Singing Sadie will be on Hey Hey its Saturday's Red faces tonight, here's a clip of her debut performance at plover idle.

we are so proud!

limited amount of copies of her album still available

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vialka Australian Tour and Sydney FREE SHOW on 14th @ Tokio Hotel

dualpLOVER are proud to announce the French proto world punk explosion that is Vialka will be playing a FREE show at the Tokio Hotel Bar (Home nightclub front bar) on the 14th April, thats right absolutely free no strings attached free, Vialka will be onstage at 10pm SHARP for an hours set of the duo's patented drums and baritone guitar

for venue details please visit

This is there only Sydney show, Vialka will be touring nationally throughout april.

08/04 - Perth/AU-WA TBA
09/04 - Brisbane/AU-QLD @ Ric's Bar
10/04 - Lennox Head/AU-NSW @ Lennox Pub
11/04 - Lismore/AU-NSW Keen St Warehouse, East Lismore
14/04 - Sydney/AU-NSW @ Tokio Hotel
15/04 - Adelaide/AU-SA @ Crown & Anchor
16/04 - Hobart/AU-TAS @ The Brisbane Hotel
17/04 - Melbourne/AU-VIC @ The Old Bar
17/04 - Melbourne/AU-VIC @ Pony (2am)

for further infomation visit

to celebrate the tour their latest album 'Succès Planétaire International'
will be available for the unrepeated price of $6 including shipping to
anywhere in australia for the remainder of the tour.

purchasable from the following link.

Hailing from deepest France, via everywhere and nowhere, Vialka are a devilishly high-spirited nomadic duo whose frontier-touring has taken them to all corners of the globe on a seemingly permanent world tour since their formation in 2002. Deriving their influences from traditional and modern underground music from around the globe Marylise Frecheville (percussion & voice ) and Eric Boros (baritone-guitar & voice) create music that skips joyfully across borders, channelling desert blues, Chinese folk songs, scatter rock and European gypsy song dynamics. A whirlwind dervish energy, that combines endless gypsy punk folk rock tales, hard hitting poly-rhythms, yelps and howls into one feverishly danceable and intoxicating brew. Like 'A Hawk And A Hacksaw' or 'The Ex' their openness to new sounds and cultures makes you feel alive.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Attention Al Duvall Fan's

I just received some copies of Al Duvalls amazing 4th album Rabbits Foot Factory, which unitil now i thought were sold out!!!

have limited supply first in best dressed
$11 postage in australia and $15 worldwide
see paypal links on the timid mischief release page (which is down to the last handful of copies)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


wades just uploaded some footage from the Sweden 'Same Diff' and 'rebirth of fool 2' launch at sydney homosexual amusement park, headquarters on crown where in 2001 they were kind enough to give me a 2 hour slots before opening to have a variety of acts perform in their labyrinth of sex room.

here he is performing as kangerman

wonder how long it will last on youtube?

here's another video of the same night featuring sweden performing in the cage

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Makers of the Dead Travel Fast : Live at Auraltered State #1

I'm planning to record all the Auraltered State gigs dualpLOVER is hosting at Performance Space this year and post some of the best tracks up here, through the FMA.

First lot mixed down are these four excerpts from the brilliant set the recently reformed Makers of the Dead Travel delivered at Auraltered State #1

Expect more over the coming months from Menstruation Sisters, Naked on the Vague, Crab Smasher and Bradbury (sorry Von Krapps your set crashed the computer)i will hopefully have time to mix these down before the next two concerts in the series coming up in May and June, two more varied evenings of the best of the NSW underground, fliers below.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoo review on BodySpace

[translated from Portuguese] "The underground Yogyakarta, Indonesia, beat us to the door with an opera-zeuhl, which could have been inspired by the New Zealand haka. (?!?)

It's not every day we receive news of the underground of Yogyakarta, a small province of Indonesia, located on the island of Java. For this is the place that serves as living quarters for Zoo, collectively shaken by a convergence of styles, which allows the flow in the native languages, and battered metal bizarre fetish for striking an infernal rhythmic organization of the Japanese Ruins. Indeed, such is the wood that burns in the short and violent attacks by the Zoo, which has even been cited to compare with the Magma absolutely unique, not so much the length of songs, but the approach to zeuhl (term used for a fusion of jazz with metal, complex melodies, sounds heavenly and all that Christian Vander sought to incorporate in its Magma). Moreover, zeuhl Zoo and sound good side by side.

But this is just one way of tackling a disk, which, despite generating a frenzy a dull, always finds improbable solutions for their rituals. And this turns out to be ritualistic tendency to force that pushes Trilogi Peradaban ( "trilogy civilization") to a ground pattern where the euphoria and intensity matter more than the allegiance to conduct a musical. As a whole, Trilogi Peradaban almost sounds to what could be the haka, a dance of intimidation of the selection of Rugby in New Zealand, turned into a histrionic opera. Ears acagaçam up.

Still, the Zoo did not deserve my best comparison free: Trilogi Peradaban come a long way to find this issue, which houses the disc in digipack velvety whose design is top class (which is not always the case in world music). Before that, the debut of the Zoo had been released in its entirety online and also divided into three cd-r. The latter explains a lot about the nature of a trilogy spread over three ages of stone. Embedded in this strange logic, the themes become more elaborate as the retreat of the time. Yesterday, as today, the Indonesians must be crazy."

Original Portuguese here

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dokaka review on Egotripping

"My first encounter with Dokaka was several years ago, thanks to the amazing video game We Love Katamari. A human beatbox cover of the Katamari theme called Katamari on the Rocks was easily one of the highlights of the amazing game soundtrack – and it’s a theme that will get stuck in your head for DAYS. His other credits involve becoming a viral internet sensation via the blogosphere with his all-vocal covers of songs like Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, as well as collaborating with Björk on her 2004 album Médulla – particularly on the well-known track Triumph of a Heart.
Dokaka’s debut album Human Interface is a hyperactive treat. Constructed from Dokaka’s signature style of recording layer upon layer of vocal insanity, which includes every musical element of a song including rhythm and bass, the 67 minute album is actually seventeen hours of sound, mixed into 88 tracks. Whilst the majority of tracks are less than a minute and the shortest jingles barely hit five seconds, it is the longer tracks that illustrate the true scope of Dokaka’s talent.
A broad range of musical influence is apparent throughout the album, with songs touching on genres that range from Baroque (Yamada – an interpretation of Pachelbel’s Canon in D) to surf rock (Obara is an incredible version of Miserlou). Other highlights include Neko Shakitori, a track built around Dokaka’s cat meow and Minato Kaze, an eerie almost-torch song.
All in all, the album would have benefitted from longer and more developed tracks, but listening to Dokaka’s Human Interface is the musical equivalent of the anime FLCL, or perhaps wandering through a Japanese arcade and catching an aural glimpse of every game you pass. It’s a schizophrenic delight that will leave you marvelling at the variety of noises that can be created by a single man."

Written by Jess Fogarty

Monday, March 8, 2010

Justice Yeldham Releases on Blossoming Noise

The good folks out in atlanta had the good sense to regonise good glass playing talent when they see it and have releases two justice yeldham related consumables at once.

Two Thousand-Five : Justice Yeldham / Dave Phillips

This is the live-document of their 2005 North American tour recorded in Bloomington, Denver, San francisco & Los Angeles. Mastered by Rashad Becker. Edition of 300 on white vinyl.

Skills/Faces DVD
Skills is a documentary featuring Lucas Abela, Rudolf, & Zbigniew Karkowski. Faces is a live document with footage from Peter Flemmig, Dave Phillips, MSBR, Tim Hecker, & Kouhei Matsunaga. Edition of 300.

SKILLS theatrical trailer!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


another excellent assemblage of the current state of the australian new music underground including a track from our very own Justice Yeldham is out, proud and available free for download from here

tracklisting as follows

1. MOOKOID, Hex River Valley (3:32)
2. DOT.AY, You Knight (5:25)
3. PEACE OUT!, Running On Sand, Walking On Water (4:29)
4. BURNING PALMS, Mockery (2:12)
5. THE ATLAS ROOM, Iris (5:18)
6. ///▲▲▲\\\, Spit Shine (2:00)
7. KATE CARR, Textopera (3:06)
8. RED PLUM & SNOW, I Would Die 4 U (2:21)
9. DUNS, Bad Rythm (sic) (5:47)
10. VORAD FILS, Temple Leak (2:42)
11. JUSTICE YELDHAM, March Of The Bodypumpers (4:54)
12. GAIL PRIEST, Etchings (3:22)
13. CAUGHT SHIP, BlackHole/SweatBeat (5:32)
14. CRAB SMASHER, Skin Destruction (3:58)
15. RIPPLES, False Mission (5:06)
16. BLAKE FREELE, Inside There’s Expectations (8:59)

download this and the other 4 in the series to get a inkling of the variety of amazing sounds permeating from our fatal shores.

also check out there weekly broadcasts on Sydney's FBI radio Thursdays 9-11pm (Aus EST) for those outside australia it's streamable from here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Auraltered State #2

Performance Space in association with dualpLOVER invites you to Auraltered State #2 the second of eight free performances to be conducted across 2010 focusing on the music of New South Wales as heard through the ears of Lucas Abela. The performances will cross a wide spectrum of music from the state with a focus on some of our more entertaining, innovative, unusual and new thought artists. All shows will be held at the new Performance Space ClubHouse which has a limited capacity of 100 patrons so please come early. This series has been kindly supported by Arts NSW.

Auraltered State #2 6th March

Diving deep into a world of apocalyptic pop and psychedelic weirdness Naked On The Vague offer a modern take on the post punk aesthetic. Falling into existence in 2005 with a found organ, broken bass guitar, borrowed drum and some old doom poetry. Their 2007 debut album `the blood pressure sessions' attracted them the attention of seminal US label siltbreeze, who are set to release their second album. The album (their first as a four piece after the original duo acquired a drummer and bass guitarist) is one of the most anticipated local releases this year

Sydney Australia's favourite chronically depressed, long term unemployed, alcoholic, asthmatic, homosexual electronic music pioneer. An early adherent to punderphonics, Gary Bradbury is a master editor of found sound, whether it be fastidious early experiments with reel to reel tape or working on today's digital palette. Since his early involvement with seminal post punk group Severed Heads during their golden years in the early 1980, he has worked with the Sydney Theatre Company on scores for The Tempest and MacBeth and released three solo albums.

Crab Smasher is a NSW based group of improvisational sound sharks crafting a frenzied hodgepodge of weirdo psychedelic noise rock and experimental pop delicious. The band formed in 2002 as a cheesy electronic novelty noise act and have since mutated through a number of confusing formations into the sellout 4-5 headed rock-and-roll hydra that exists today. With about 13 or 14 CDR, cassette, and digital releases to their name, the band is currently working on a new LP, which promises to be both titillating and queer.

8PM – 11PM FREE *LIMITED CAPACITY of 100 patrons*
ALL AGES (18+ bar service available in lobby, strictly no BYO)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Egotripping discusses the finer points of the Auraltered State series with Lucas Abela

New South Wales gets Auraltered
James Ryan talks with Lucas Abela about his new project, Auraltered State.

One man who undeniably loves both art and sound is Lucas Abela, who has been working hard to ensure that the more experimental and innovative, but not necessarily very accessible side of music has a place it can call home. A co-founder of the DualPlover record label and artist-run performance space Lan Franchi's Memorial Discotheque, and performing as noise artist Justice Yeldham, Abela has a resume that can't be measured by chart success so much as the following his events have generated, and the bizarre excellence of the acts he's supported with them. Now he's organised Auraltered State - a series of eight performances comprising artists from across New South Wales. Ego Tripping's James Ryan asks him more...

While there are some Sydney stalwarts like Gary Bradbury appearing as part of the Auraltered States showcase, I see a lot of new names that I'm less familiar with. What was the response like when you were putting the roster together? Did it change your impression of what was happening across New South Wales in terms of experimental music?
Not really, I’m extremely familiar with all the acts playing. The festival or series is about the NSW underground, something I like to think I know like the back of my hand. I purposely haven’t booked the entire series, which runs 'til November, as I’m hoping to leave places open for new acts that may pop up during the year. I’m always excited about new generations of players and want Auraltered State to represent not just where we are or were, but where we are going.

The most apparent thread that runs through your listing are the visceral descriptions of confronting acts that don't quite fit into an established indie or electronic format and yet they seem to be active and creatively thriving. To my ears a number of acts also shared a frenzied but elated frustration in their sound. What set apart these acts for Auraltered State, and how much is "inaccessible" an insipid assumption about experimental music?
I don’t see any of the acts as inaccessible and booked them from the point of view of acts I think put on a good show and are both aurally and visually appealing to me. I can’t see why so called ‘experimental music’ can't also be entertaining beyond the audio - not that this is a prerequisite. For instance, Bradbury won’t be as visually engaging as the Vonn Krapp Family, unless he’s off his meds?

Sometimes punters can be intimidated by how serious some experimental acts can seem, but Auraltered States is presenting itself with humour and irreverence as well as a desire to push past the usual parameters. How important a factor is "fun" in art-music? Does it break the ice between performers and audiences or is it a part of the work itself?
Firstly, we should try and put the term ‘experimental music’ to bed in this interview, as it means nothing now as the experiment has ended and its now a genre with little experimentation by its fan-core artists. Like c’mon, they are little better than Wolfmother playing original interpretations of someone else’s experiments. For this reason I like to steer clear of the term, even though it’s an easy way to describe what’s going on. It has the wrong connotations for me and should be avoided.
In the press release I used the terms ‘more entertaining, innovative, unusual and new thought artists’ which hopefully describes what I’m trying to achieve here a little better. You ask about fun and yes, some of the acts I program will definitely be fun. Vonn Krapp Family for instance are a perfect example of a fun band that are also engaging musically. Other acts I plan to program, like Singing Sadie, also fit into this, but you’d be wrong to assume that is the principal driving factor.
What interests me is difference, even if it’s a slight difference; bands like Naked on the Vague who are at first glance an obvious example of the post punk revival, but to me unlike the others aren’t a genre cover band, but are bringing something new to it, furthering the music somehow. Innovation, no matter how slight, is extremely important to me. We just finished an entire decade without a musical revolution of any sort. People claim the 90s were shit, but at least they had techo. The last decade was the decade of revival where the biggest band coming out of the country was a Black Sabbath cover band who forgot the correct lyrics so just made up new ones! I truly hope we can get over this nostalgic ‘all music has been made’ trip and get on with buiness of fucking people's minds with a new music.
Last decade I fantasised that it was just because I was old and out of touch and somewhere in the world outside of my knowledge a music was going on where a youth were reinventing the wheel and minds were peeling. But I’m getting more and more worried that this didn’t happen and the new generation are just happy with playing dress up. It's why there is no real excitement at shows these days. As much as people say they love Kings Of Leon, Muse, or whoever the media shrouds as the new great band of our time, it’s inescapable when you listen that it's uninventive drivel, and because you’ve unconsciously heard it all before, you won’t scream like they did when rock and roll first came crashing down on society’s heads. Now rock and roll is society. For fuck's sake, AC/DC were on the cover of the Daily Telegraph today.
If I could have one wish for this new decade it’s that the new abandon the old and squeeze shit through the ears of today’s complacent music audience.

It's difficult to imagine the issues you and your collaborators have had to deal with in organising these events, with such a diverse range of acts. What drives you to do so? Is it important to make a space for that percentage of performers that don't fit in? Why?
It’s just because they don’t fit in is exactly why I champion such acts. ‘Experimental‘ festivals in general can be a very dry experience, except for the What Is? Music festival that has always brought us bang for buck and is a serious influence on the way I like to program music. Which is: 1) Contrasting acts: Who in their right mind wants to watch a series of carbon copy acts one after another? 2) No headliners: Each and every act I book is a headliner- no warm ups, just killer all the way. 3) Scene mixing: If this city is to work we must bring together some of our disparate scenes. We probably could have a better live music scene than Melbourne if somehow these fractured groups could meet and go to each others gigs, but that’s another interview…

Monday, March 1, 2010

Even the french like ZOO

"Gloriously mad! Hailing from Indonesia, Zoo combine the avant-punk of The Ex with the stop/go rock-in-opposition of Etron Fou Leloublan (or Ruins) and the pluristylistic craziness of Mr. Bungle or Sebkha-Chott. Loaded? You bet! 22 short pieces grouped into three movements, each track a one-two punch, yet no over-homogeneity issues – the music ranges from punk to tribal folk. Quality musicianship, clear artistic vision, and an excellent reassesment of Rock-in-Opposition’s heritage. Somewhere between Melt Banana and Savage Republic! I am thrilled after one listen. Pay attention to these guys!"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ego Tripping makes for two Zoo reviews in a day

"What the jiminy do I know about Indonesian music?! For all I know, an intellectually-impaired single mother in Jakarta has just accidentally synthesized the mythical long-lost note of E Sharp using nothing but a roll of old electrical cord and her teeth. Perhaps some sinister and ancient cabal is sworn to protect the horrible secret of E Sharp, and now it’s up to a sassy, effeminate hairdresser on the run from the law (or is he really only running from... himself?) to protect this young woman on her perilous trek to reach Dr Reginald Q. Oboe at the Vladivostok Conservatorium of Music before the accursed note becomes self-aware and Kills Us All.

This would be my educated guess. Fortunately, it’s safe for me to assume that you come from a position of relative ignorance as well. Three in ten Australians still think Indonesia is the country most likely to invade us. Australian tourism usually doesn’t progress beyond Ed Hardy-clad douchebags projectile vomiting en masse on the despoiled shore of Kuta Beach. Clearly, this is not an environment conducive to meaningful cross-cultural exchange.

Which is a shame, really. Over the last decade, one thing above all others has gifted Jakarta with a burgeoning DIY music scene. Firstly, the most easily accessible music media is MTV Asia, a 24 hour channel hosted by an endless procession of bland, American-accented Filipino girls introducing an endless procession of bland, American and East Asian R&B artists. Any casual watcher of MTV Asia will be hard-pressed to find such an egregious use of autotune and such an abundance of prepubescent men in all-white Beaver Boys outfits anywhere else in the annals of human civilization. it’s a truism of modern music that whenever the music industry tries to enforce hegemonic tastes onto the public, the vanguard of common decency takes to the barricades with electric guitars in hand.

So it is with Zoo’s album Trilogi Peradaban, a three part punk-rock “fuck you” to the stultifying blancmange that the failing business model of the major labels keep shitting out onto the airwaves and the narrow confines of the alternatives provided by indie and DIY labels in the West. It would be easy for modern-day hipster gentry in the English-speaking world to write this sort of thing off, but some cultural perspective is necessary here – too often we forget that not everyone in the world was bowing down and praying towards Seattle five times a day in the early nineties. Trilogi Peradban is part of the same musical renaissance that we went through twenty years ago – the purest expression of Cobain’s old “punk rock should mean freedom...” line – and this defies the Arctic Monkeys-induced cynicism to which people my age have become accustomed.

Indeed, there’s very little in this album that we’d recognise as “punk rock”, beyond the second part of Cobain’s Law – “ long as it’s good and has passion”. Passion is in abundance on this album: passion for Indonesia’s heritage, passion for the country’s instruments, and passion for the local audience over foreign interlopers in tight jeans and asymmetrical haircuts. As the album’s trilogy progresses, whatever vestige of overseas influence gradually disappears as native instruments become more integral to the songs, and esoteric references to President Sokarno’s icy relationship with Malaysia in the 1960s and the Aceh independence movement are sadly lost on anyone unfamiliar with the language. So much of it is discordant, the singer’s occasional similarities with Mike Patton after a Red Bull binge can be off-putting, sometimes it actually does sound like they’re trying to find the long-lost E Sharp, but ultimately, this album is a forebear of great things to come from our northern neighbour."

Written by Sean Gleeson

ACRN gives Zoo 8/10 review

"The little-known genre of zeuhl found its roots in France in the 1970s, spearheaded by the prolific and grandiose band/cult Magma. A genre that somehow managed to combine free jazz, opera, blues shouting, progressive rock, heavy metal and chamber music, zeuhl made its impact on the avant-garde music scene by showcasing the duality between bombast and primitivism.

Since the sound was forged in Western Europe, zeuhl has been flung far across the globe, with numerous bands springing up in parts of Japan and, in the case of new-school zeuhl thrashers Zoo, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Zoo pay homage to their zeuhl roots on Trilogi Peradaban (in English, “Civilization Triology”), the band’s latest release by Australian experimental music labels Dualplover and Tenzenmen. The album tells a story of societal devolution through the medium of highly syncopated bursts of bass and drums, frenzied vocalizations and, at its most primitive, ritual drumming and minimalistic folk balladry. The entire album lasts only 40 minutes, but contains 22 tracks.

The first 16 tracks on Trilogi Peradaban are evocative of the thrashy zeuhl sound championed by Japanese band Ruins, one of the many projects of uber-prolific drummer Yoshida Tatsuya. There is also a great deal of avant-grindcore influence, bearing similarities to the work of Melt Banana and Naked City. Much of the album's sound is made up of snaking bass lines and syncopated drumming reminiscent of a (somehow) more caveman take on the early powerviolence of Man Is The Bastard.

Across the entirety of the album, Zoo vocalist Rully Shabara Herman stands apart from the rest of the band, shouting, chattering and operatically chanting over the thrash-and-grind of his bandmates. The final part of the album is meant to convey a return to primitivism through organic percussion and neo-folk-influenced acoustic guitar arrangements that bring a calm ending to an otherwise frenzied album.

Trilogi Peradaban is an excellent, operatic take on neo-tribalism that makes a provocative statement, melding grindcore, folk and contemporary zeuhl sounds to convey a theme of societal collapse into a primal state of simplicity." 8/10 - Aaron Vilk

Have a listen

available here

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SISSY SPACEK on tour in the USA!!!

wish i was announcing an australian tour, but no i have to tell you that Sissy Spacek are once again on tour in their native country and won't be doing any southern hemisphere dates anytime soon. for those who prefer the colder experience of a band on CD played on a home stereo limited copies of French Record are still available at the gift shop.

and when i say limited i mean like six copies or something so quickly now!
preview below

SISSY SPACEK & Geritt Wittmer/Paul Knowles

02/26 — LOS ANGELES, CA @ The Smell
02/27 — LOS ANGELES, CA @ F House
02/28 — FLAGSTAFF, AZ @ Vesica Pisces
03/01 — GRAND JUNCTION, CO @ Le Giragge
03/02 — COLUMBIA, MO @ Cafe Berlin
03/03 — ST. LOUIS, MO @ Antarctica
03/06 — CINCINATTI, OH @ Art Damage Lodge
03/09 — ATLANTA, GA @ Eye Drum
03/10 — BALTIMORE, MD @ The Bank
03/13 — BROOKLYN, NY @ Issue Project Room
03/14 — NEW YORK, NY @ Cake Shop
03/15 — PROVIDENCE, RI @ AS220
03/16 — ALLSTON, MA @ O’Brien’s
03/17 — BURLINGTON, VT @ The Bakery
03/18 — HADLEY, MA @ Grey Matter Books
03/20 — ROCHESTER, NY @ Bug Jar
03/21 — CLEVELAND, OH @ Now That’s Class
03/22 — OBERLIN, OH @ TBA
03/23 — TOLEDO, OH @ Robinwood Concert House
03/24 — YPSILANTI, MI @ Dreamland Theater
03/26 — CHICAGO, IL @ Viaduct Theater
03/27 — MILWAUKEE, WI @ Borg Ward
03/29 — OMAHA, NE @ The Cave
03/30 — DENVER, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
03/31 — SALT LAKE CITY, UT @ The Urban Lounge
04/02 — SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Here
04/03 — OAKLAND, CA @ Terminal

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Waver : Bohemian Suburb Rhapsody

New Waver have a new downloadable album, what else do you need to know!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Black and Budget Minded, What Is? Music 1997 at the Punters Club

Just stumbled acorss these pics of an old band of mine called 'Black and Budget minded', which consisted of Steve Veale and Myself and was sometimes billed as the Steve Lucas! Most of our shows were about music and battle, like doing amplified sword fights, here we battle royal on an amplified trampoline while trying to play drums.

note the glorious Lester Vat of Volvox in the crowd, why am i a pie?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rice Corpse Sydney Show Tomorrow night

the new look aussie line up of Rice Corpse featuring the Hard Ons Peter Kostic on drums and Garbage and the Flowers Stu Olsen on piano and Original memeber Lucas Abela on glass is doing a gig with nevada strange, whores and none music.
$8 / 8 Cunningham St Haymarket / 8pm