Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HOMELESS#1 [ONLY OZ GIG for Boredoms side projects Zach Hill and NO MOA DURAMMA]

Side project of Hisham Bharoocha & Butchy Fuego. Both of these prolific drummers/artists have played in a wide variety of settings with different people. In addition to both being current members of the iconic Japanese experimental band Boredoms, Hisham's musical legacy includes Soft Circle, Pixeltan, Black Dice and organizing 77,88, 9, and Boadrum 10. Butchy has played with Pit Er Pat, M.I.A., NA FUEGO & Matteah Baim, in addition to being an established producer making albums with bands such as The Red Krayola, These Are Powers, Hecuba & many more.


is a musician residing in Sacramento, California. Primarily known for his drumming, he performs/has performed in numerous Pacific Coast based groups, including his primary group, Hella, as well as Holy Smokes, Nervous Cop [with Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Joanna Newsome], and a diverse range of others including El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez [basically a meld of Hella and the Mars Volta memebers], Team Sleep (featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones), Goon Moon, Marnie Stern, Crime in Choir, The Ladies (a duo with Rob Crow of Pinback), Bygones (a duo with Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos), CHLL PLL (a duo with Zac Nelson) and Flössin (a collaboration with Christopher Willits and rotating members Kid606, Matmos, Nate Boyce and Carson McWhirter).

also on the bill are

Menstruation Sisters are more of a natural phenomenon than a musical group. Owing more to the sound of ice melting and eggs hatching than strummed guitars and pounded drums, the Sisters keep one ear on the ground and the other towards the atmosphere. Rather than working within the lines of modern rhythm and structure, they revert towards a primal direction, cutting off the fat and oozing forth only the most natural and unfettered sounds. Naturally, such a technique can be unsettling, as it's not something most humans are interested to hear, or have heard since upright-walking became a viable mode of transportation. This is music for those who kill their own food.

What's been described as ''a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe'' is in fact the unique work of Justice Yeldham, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. In his infamous show that has astonished and bemused countless people in over 40 countries, yeldham ecstatically purses his lips against sheets of amplified glass whilst deftly employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, turning discarded shards into crude musical instruments. The results are a wild array of cacophonous noise that is strangely controlled and oddly musical. The instruments simple, original and effective premise is a welcome riposte to over complicated musical performances of modern times. A one of a kind act re-defining the expression 'don't try this at home' this show quite simply needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated, let alone understood.

Crab Smasher is a NSW based group of improvisational sound sharks crafting a frenzied hodgepodge of weirdo psychedelic noise rock and experimental pop delicious. The band formed in 2002 as a cheesy electronic novelty noise act and have since mutated through a number of confusing formations into the sellout 4-5 headed rock-and-roll hydra that exists today. With about 13 or 14 CDR, cassette, and digital releases to their name, the band is currently working on a new LP, which promises to be both titillating and queer.


friends of mine i toured with in the US who just happen to be in town this week and asked for a show.

13th Oct from 8pm
presale tix $15
otherwise $25 on the door @ Home Nightclub, Darling Harbour

20:30 21:00 The Dawns

21:10 21:50 Crab Smasher

22:00 22:45 No Moa Duramma

22:55 23:10 Justice Yeldham

23:20 0:05 Zach Hill

0:15 0:50 Menstruation Sisters

all set times are estimations

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