Sunday, March 7, 2010


another excellent assemblage of the current state of the australian new music underground including a track from our very own Justice Yeldham is out, proud and available free for download from here

tracklisting as follows

1. MOOKOID, Hex River Valley (3:32)
2. DOT.AY, You Knight (5:25)
3. PEACE OUT!, Running On Sand, Walking On Water (4:29)
4. BURNING PALMS, Mockery (2:12)
5. THE ATLAS ROOM, Iris (5:18)
6. ///▲▲▲\\\, Spit Shine (2:00)
7. KATE CARR, Textopera (3:06)
8. RED PLUM & SNOW, I Would Die 4 U (2:21)
9. DUNS, Bad Rythm (sic) (5:47)
10. VORAD FILS, Temple Leak (2:42)
11. JUSTICE YELDHAM, March Of The Bodypumpers (4:54)
12. GAIL PRIEST, Etchings (3:22)
13. CAUGHT SHIP, BlackHole/SweatBeat (5:32)
14. CRAB SMASHER, Skin Destruction (3:58)
15. RIPPLES, False Mission (5:06)
16. BLAKE FREELE, Inside There’s Expectations (8:59)

download this and the other 4 in the series to get a inkling of the variety of amazing sounds permeating from our fatal shores.

also check out there weekly broadcasts on Sydney's FBI radio Thursdays 9-11pm (Aus EST) for those outside australia it's streamable from here

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