Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoo review on BodySpace

[translated from Portuguese] "The underground Yogyakarta, Indonesia, beat us to the door with an opera-zeuhl, which could have been inspired by the New Zealand haka. (?!?)

It's not every day we receive news of the underground of Yogyakarta, a small province of Indonesia, located on the island of Java. For this is the place that serves as living quarters for Zoo, collectively shaken by a convergence of styles, which allows the flow in the native languages, and battered metal bizarre fetish for striking an infernal rhythmic organization of the Japanese Ruins. Indeed, such is the wood that burns in the short and violent attacks by the Zoo, which has even been cited to compare with the Magma absolutely unique, not so much the length of songs, but the approach to zeuhl (term used for a fusion of jazz with metal, complex melodies, sounds heavenly and all that Christian Vander sought to incorporate in its Magma). Moreover, zeuhl Zoo and sound good side by side.

But this is just one way of tackling a disk, which, despite generating a frenzy a dull, always finds improbable solutions for their rituals. And this turns out to be ritualistic tendency to force that pushes Trilogi Peradaban ( "trilogy civilization") to a ground pattern where the euphoria and intensity matter more than the allegiance to conduct a musical. As a whole, Trilogi Peradaban almost sounds to what could be the haka, a dance of intimidation of the selection of Rugby in New Zealand, turned into a histrionic opera. Ears acagaçam up.

Still, the Zoo did not deserve my best comparison free: Trilogi Peradaban come a long way to find this issue, which houses the disc in digipack velvety whose design is top class (which is not always the case in world music). Before that, the debut of the Zoo had been released in its entirety online and also divided into three cd-r. The latter explains a lot about the nature of a trilogy spread over three ages of stone. Embedded in this strange logic, the themes become more elaborate as the retreat of the time. Yesterday, as today, the Indonesians must be crazy."

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