Monday, November 26, 2012

Balls For Cthulhu & Pinball Pianola Exhibition

Balls For Cthulhu (2012) 
Game by Lucas Abela - Graphics by Rev Kriss Hades
Additional elctronics by Hirofumi Uchino & Daniel Stocks
$2500 ono

A pentagram shaped pinball game played by five players at once, each stationed at each of its five points. All outer triangular walls of all five points have guitar necks strung up with their fret boards exposed to the play field. In the center of the pentagon has a mass of pop bumpers connected to a drum machine creating blast beats and the balls speed about the game. Legendary guitarist and artist from the Australian metal band Sadistik Exekution Rev Kriss Hades has emblazed his incredible art onto the machine.  (due to circumstances beyond our control this is exhibited as a work in progress which will be completed during the course of the exhibition, if you would like an email to inform you when the game will be available to play please provide your address on the list provided near the work)

Pinball Pianola (2012)

Game by Lucas Abela - Graphics by Keg de Souza
Additional elctronics by Hirofumi Uchino & Daniel Stocks
$2500 ono

A Frankenstein experiment, combining the greatest musical invention of all time, the Piano; with the coolest amusement machines ever conceived; Pinball, to create an interactive sound installation like no other; 'Pinball Pianola', a musical device constructed by replacing the keyboard, hammers and front paneling of an upright piano, with a pinball cabinet butted up perpendicular against its exposed strings. Embracing high and low culture this instrument allows virtuosos and wizards alike to pit their skills in a game where musical compositions are created as metallic balls jettisoned into the game clash with the pianos resonating wires.

Wednesday 28th November at 6pm to Saturday 15th December
Artist talks: Saturday 15th December at 2pm

116—118 Chalmers StSurry Hills, New South Wales, Australia 2010

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