Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New podcast

Well its actually an old podcast but since the free podcast service was a pile of junk I have decided to put it up on our server instead. It features a whole bunch of dual plover related music including a preview of the new rice corpse album, tracks by deerhoof , danielson family, new waver and a whole bunch of other really good music. Click here to hear it

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rice屎Corpse : Mrs Rice (2009) CD, pre sales available now.

What kind of government would send a lunatic artist, whose idea of self expression is smashing amplified glass against his face, off to China to become a cultural ambassador? Australia the lucky country of coarse! And that’s’ exactly what happened to Lucas Abela (Justice Yeldham) and this album, Mrs Rice is it’s result. With under two months in Beijing he formed the pick up band Rice屎Corpse, (named after the Chinese character for shit, 屎 which itself is the combination of two characters "尸" corpse and "米" rice), jammed with them four times (two off which were recorded for this album) before heading off for a ten city tour of China.
A Trio of glass, drums and piano was in Lucas’s minds ear when he arrived and two completely different musicians came forward to form this unlikely band. First to be recruited for drums was Yang Yang whose antics in his own band Mafeisan has given him the reputation of being the craziest exponent of the normally conservative Beijing scene. His ultra loud out and proud personality is in stark contrast to the mild mannered and brutally shy saxophonist Li Zenghui who came to the project as pianist, cause simply put there were no suitable pianists in the city.
Existing for a limited time and without a common language to interrupt they managed to create these six varied and strangely focused improvisations. This despondent attempt at musicality is by far Abela’s most accessible work to date as the addition of Yang and Li’s stabbing rhythm section forced the seasoned noisician to take his glass instrument into surprising new directions. Released on conjunction with SUBJAM and made possible with the kind assistance of Asialink and the Australia Council for the Arts.

press play to preview 'desktop frog'


Justice Yeldham has been hand picked by the illustrious Kevin Blechdom to join her
Slaughterin' Slobbersville traveling side show of re-enactments of the Genetic Mutant Civil War of 2024? which also features this lot of deranged individuals!!!

Blectum from Blechdom Ching Chong Song Irene Moon
Christopher Fleeger Jason Trachtenburg Barbara Golden
Maryclare Brzytwa Elisabeth King Heidi Mortenson
Ironing Blevin Blectum Hunt Nebraska
Justice Yeldham Barnwave Kevin Blechdom

Slaughterin' Slobbersville is a traveling showcase of cross-collaborating artists. The show is an ever-changing sequence of first person vignettes hung loosely from the underlying conceptual history of a genetic mutant civil war in 2024. While the story takes place decades into the future, the format and aesthetic borrows heavily from the vaudevillian traveling shows of the past. The artists involved come from a variety of backgrounds - mostly from around the United States. Musically rooted in experimental, computer, noise, cabaret, and spoken word traditions, the artists all share a common passion for combining theater and music into visceral performances that defy expectations.

Costumes and sets are created from refuse and inexpensive materials often found along the journey. This contrasts sharply with highly technical computer driven projections, electronic music and sophisticated conceptual content. Collaborative contributions include the design of project specific software, homemade synthesizers, original compositions, choreography, and story-telling. The dichotomy between the makeshift folk aesthetic and techonology is intentional; causing a suspension of disbelief between order and chaos that helps the viewer integrate with Slobbersville.

Although the core narrative of the show is well defined, the professionalism of the performers allows for a freedom of creative evolution from show to show. This is a central theme of vaudevillian traveling shows and is our motivating factor for undertaking this project. Video documentation throughout the tour will illustrate the unfolding development of Slobbersville and capture the resulting spontaneous collective inventions.
  • 25 April Leipzig, Germany - Skala Leipzig
  • 26 April Wetzlar, Germany
    (Phoebe Kreutz, Jason Trachtenburg, and Ching Chong Song featuring Slobbersville)
  • 27 April Castrop Rauxel, Germany
    (Phoebe Kreutz, Jason Trachtenburg, and Ching Chong Song featuring Slobbersville)
  • 28 April Munich, Germany - Lothringer 13
  • 30 April Krems, Austria - Donau Festival
  • 01 May Rotterdam - the WORM
  • 02 May Hasselt, Belgium - Kunstencentrum
  • 03 May Hamburg, Germany - Golden Pudel
  • 07 May Wetzlar, Germany
  • 08 May Utrecht - TBC
  • 09 May TBC

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Uk's Sound Projector, Magazine review a batch of our titles.

"It’s been a while since we heard from Lucas Abela and his Dual Plover label out of Australia, a label whose catalogue proudly includes some of the stinkiest, most unlistenable records ever made, often produced by barely-existing artistes with implausible names whose sole aim is apparently to offend, disgust and irritate. Yep, it’s fair to say Abela’s tastes and predilections tend to gravitate towards a very peculiar strain of the grotesque in underground music, but in today’s anything-goes climate, seeking out such marginal geniuses takes some doing. With this fresh batch of releases, you may not find everything exactly to your taste (I certainly didn’t), but I feel it’s important to defend music and noise of such distinctive character – even more so at a time when all we have left is coffee parlours and juice bars all serving the same bland liquid refreshments wherever you go, and the only thing that apparently matters in life is sorting out your car insurance…

Sydneysiders Naked On The Vague offer whatever debris came out of The Blood Pressure Sessions, nine deliciously primitive tracks of harsh electro-doom punk played in monotonous ways with thumping bass, plodding drums and demented electronics. A male and female singer pitch their mannered shouty vocals to evince every emotion from bored, nihilistic resignation to a fevered, insane anger. Only in places (’Brown Sun / Sydney Lane Rd’) do these undergrounders approach anything that might fit in with the school of benign psychedelic droning such as their fellow countrymen Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood do so convincingly. Rest of the disc is just packed with good, seething menace. Hard to believe it’s just a duo making all this racket; almost as strong as early Royal Trux.

Toxic Lipstick have released Poopin’, a sickly monster decorated in a garish and excessive cover of elaborate eye-searing collages, while the inserted booklet is a hideous pastiche of teen-girl magazines. 10 of these 11 tracks are ‘classic’ pop-song length, nothing over 2 ½ minutes, and their extremely provocative titles promise much psychological mayhem and wanton sexual hi-jinks, lifting the lid on the obsessions and libido of an imaginary teenager in a stark no-holds-barred manner. It takes some constitution to endure the shrill and squeaky voices which scatter their random vocals over these hyperdriven beats and sick electronic thrashy noises (this record’s contrived cheepniss makes Bow Wow Wow sound like Mozart), but fans of Space Streakings or Melt-Banana will be quids in.

Al Duvall’s Recluses Unite…appears to be an attempt at a Tiny Tim revival, as Brooklyn-based songster Duvall picks up his banjo and sings 17 songs which are freakish pastiches of Edwardian, Music-Hall and early country songs (the sort of material for which Tiny Tim had genuine affection, and he included a vast cache of near-forgotten material in his repertoire). Even the CD label is printed to look like an old 78 disc. Al Duvall’s variant on these genres is to add a slightly more salacious and disreputable streak to these songs with his inventively twisted black-comedy lyrics, throwing in dirty punchlines and shades of modern depravity that our Edwardian ancestors would have blanched at. There’s also however an equally strong streak of utter weirdness and lowbrow surrealism, not too far away from the malarkey of Charles Gocher or Revd Fred Lane. When delivered in Duvall’s deadpan singing voice, this tends to leave a very odd taste in the mouth.

Sissy Spacek’s French Record, extreme as it is, finds this listener on slightly more familiar ground. This John Wiese noise project of long standing includes, for these sessions, Kevin Drumm, C. Spencer Yeh, Kate Hall, Sam Ott and Corydon Ronnau playing in various combinations, resultant tapes quite possibly edited extensively afterwards by Wiese to reduce the whole affair to sonic rubble and cut off any energetic bursts of improvisation at the knees. Much impolite and awkward repellent noise seeps forth, creating the sort of spiky, angular effects that tend to repel most civilians. Another gloriously anti-social release from Wiese."

Vialka review from wayside music

''Fourth (?) release by the terrific French duo of Eric Boros (guitar and voice) and Marylise Frechevile (drums and voice). I have had the great pleasure of seeing them twice, and they amazed me with their stupendously tight and humorous music and stage antics. I don't want to ignore Eric's contributions - he's a great player - but Marylise is the star of the show. She's a fucking great drummer in the Guigou Chenevier style and she'll suddenly leap up from behind the kit and do a little dance while continuing to sing with Eric backing her up before she leaps back behind the kit!! This new one has some added instrumentation and good 'behind the scenes' work from Bob Drake. Highly recommmended - and SEE THEM if you can (they tour constantly).''

PURPLE DUCK : DUCKSIDE OF THE MOON (2009): CD. available now.

Not to be confused with the Purple Loon, Purple Diver, Purple Grebe, Purple Gallinule or Purple Coot the Purple Duck is the more common name for the best MC in the world. Yes he’s very very good, well hot enough to burn down a herd of yobbo MC's like pieces of wood. Plover fans would undoubtedly remember the duck from his appearance on the seminal ‘Suicidal Rap Orgy’ album ‘ Genital Warfare’. On this his debut solo album ‘Duck Side of the Moon’ we find the less threatening side of duckmania. Here the great purple quacker displays that his masterful emceeing skills are not his only talent. You will not only find dope duck styles hip hop tracks here, alongside come a quick succession of genres flying think and fast, the album having everything from the punk rock anthem of 'Love Tampon' to the tear jerking Balladeering of 'Everyone’s Dying'.


best MC
duck mafia
cunt dracula
love tampon
do you want to dance all night
when a woman cries
sex falcon 1
Get in shape
I cannot yeild oil
Cunt Dracula 2
Everyones dying You with the bear
Ants in my pants
Sex falcon 2
Rock vampire
Mating season
Myspace woman
Sex falcon 3
volcanic arse

press play for a preview of 'love tampon'

VIALKA: Succès Planétaire International (2009): CD. available now.

Hailing from deepest France, via everywhere and nowhere, Vialka are a devilishly high-spirited nomadic duo whose frontier-touring has taken them to all corners of the globe on a seemingly permanent world tour since their formation in 2002. Deriving their influences from traditional and modern underground music from around the globe Marylise Frecheville (percussion & voice ) and Eric Boros (baritone-guitar & voice) create music that skips joyfully across borders, channelling desert blues, Chinese folk songs, scatter rock and European gypsy song dynamics. A whirlwind dervish energy, that combines endless gypsy punk folk rock tales, hard hitting poly-rhythms, yelps and howls into one feverishly danceable and intoxicating brew. Like ‘A Hawk And A Hacksaw’ or ‘The Ex’ their openness to new sounds and cultures makes you feel alive.

dualpLOVER is proud to release their 5th album Succès Planétaire International (International Worldwide Success). The album’s eight new tracks feature a frenetic interaction between Marylise's syncopated drumming and singing and Eric's orchestral guitar playing, delivered with ecstatic energy, humour, lust for life, and a sophisticated musical language and subliminal connection all their own. It also includes a charming rendition of the old German folk song ‘Hole in the Bucket’, their take on a traditional Shona mbira piece as well as collaborations with François Marcziniak and Cyrielle Faure (tuba and flute), Crank Sturgeon (sonic gesticulations), Andrew Dymond (mbira), and Xiao He (vocals and Hunan pipa). Recorded by Bob Drake at Studio Midi-Pyrénées in December 2008 and January 2009, and delightfully packaged in cardboard gatefold slips adorned with cover art by Rachel Lowther and photos by Wenxi Xiong.


premiers Pas
100% Hello
Good Riddance
Do What Now ?
Always Against
Hole In The Bucket

press play for a preview of '100% Hello'


Since it’s initial 2007 release, Naked on the Vague’s debut album ‘the Blood Pressure Sessions’ has gone on to floor people across the globe landing them with a enviable vinyl re-issue on the influential US imprint Siltbreeze and commanding reviews like “like something from a claustrophobic horror-movie soundtrack” from Pitchfork, “Co-ed duo wanderings of a decidedly dark and altogether chilling nature, either bending in a beautifully ebbing continuous tone meander, or thumping chest with steel-eyed intensity” from Dusted, and "if this was released 30 years ago, it would be studied and discussed with fervor just as other No Wave classics are getting treated today." - Jackson Glass.

The album is a deep dive into the depths of apocalyptic pop and psychedelic weirdness. Disparate vocals grip onto stabbing keys and menacing hook-laden bass lines, pushed on by a relentless drum machine, far past its warranty period, giving the whole of their sound a sonorous curtain of ecstatic foreboding. Essentially a ‘punk’ assault ranging from some almost dance-able short and sharp ‘hits’ to gloomy extended freak-outs. Lucy and Mathew take direction from where the short lived no-wave movement ended, expanding on what that imploded scene could have garnished had it not succumbed to its own fatalistic shortcomings.

Now in its second edition as demand for the album increases across the globe, the band are about to descend on their third US tour including a 2nd appearance at the auspicious SXSW festival in Austin.

Naked On The Vague
USA Tour March 2009

7 Mar 2009
The Shank (98 Bayard Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
(Make the)Product 2nd Anniv: w/ Blank Dogs, Pink Noise, Gary War, Led Er Est, Silk Flowers
Brooklyn, New York

12 Mar 2009
The Khyber
w/ The Renderers (NZ), PW Long, Pink Reason
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

14 Mar 2009
Williamsburg Music Hall
w/Crystal Stilts, Women, Blank Dogs, Silk Flowers
Brooklyn, New York

15 Mar 2009
w/ Woods, Blank Dogs, Tusk Lord
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

16 Mar 2009
The Summit
w/Times New Viking, Woods, Blank Dogs
Columbus, Ohio

17 Mar 2009
The A/V-Aerie
w/Woods, Blank Dogs
Chicago, Illinois

18 Mar 2009
The Love Garden
w/Woods, Blank Dogs
Lawrence, Kansas

19 Mar 2009 (afternoon)
SXSW: Sacred Bones Day Party (non-official) @ Beerland
W/ Blank Dogs, Gary War, Factums, The Pink Noise, Zola Jesus, Dead Luke, Absinthe Minds, Daily Void
Austin, Texas

19 Mar 2009
SXSW: Siltbreeze Showcase @ Soho Lounge
w/ Ratas del Vaticano 8:45 p.m. Eat Skull 9:30 p.m. Hank IV 10:15 p.m. Psychedelic Horseshit 11:00 p.m. Naked On the Vague 11:45 p.m. U.S. Girls 12:30 a.m. Los Llamarada 1:15 a.m. FNU Ronnies

Austin, Texas

23 Mar 2009
Black Market
w/ Blank Dogs, Turpentine Bros.
El Paso, Texas

24 Mar 2009
Trunk Space
w/Oh Sees, Blank Dogs, Eat Skull
Phoenix, Arizona

25 Mar 2009
Soda Bar
w/Eat Skull,Blank Dogs,Christmas Island,Blessure Grave
San Diego, California

26 Mar 2009
Part Time Punks @ Pehrspace
w/ Blank Dogs
Los Angeles, California

27 Mar 2009
Acrobatics Everywhere @ UC Irvine
w/ Blank Dogs
Irvine, California

28 Mar 2009
Luigi’s Fungarden
w/ Blank Dogs
Sacramento, California

29 Mar 2009 (6:00pm)
All Ages Day Show @ The 21 Grand
w/ Blank Dogs
Oakland, California

29 Mar 2009
w/ Blank Dogs, Nodzzz, Brilliant Colors
San Francisco, California

30 Mar 2009
w/Dutchess and the Duke and Blank Dogs
San Francisco, California

31 Mar 2009
East End
w/ Blank Dogs, Eat Skull, Meth Teeth
Portland, Oregon

1 Apr 2009
The Northern
w/ Blank Dogs and Little Claw
Olympia, Washington

2 Apr 2009
w/ Blank Dogs, Idle Times
Seattle, Washington

press play for a preview of 'mothers footsteps'

our first blog

swerve and i realised recently that whenever we updated our current affairs page we were deleting the labels history, so we thought lets turn that page into a blog instead so that if someone new to the label wanted to scroll through our past events etc they could.

therefore this blog will probably have quite a few posts to start with as i ad all the newer updates from the last couple of months that are still relevant before deleting the current affairs page once and for all.