Monday, October 26, 2015

GAGU new Tape collaboration between Lucas Abela, Rully Shabara and Ramberto Agozolie.

When I asked seasoned free-noise performer Lucas Abela (Justice Yeldham, Australia) to submit a tape to NO RENT I half expected a recording of one of his no holds barred glass shattering performances. Instead he surprised me with a collection of micro improvisations titled ‘Gagu’, which were recorded in Yogyakarta, Indonesian five years ago with Rully Shabara (Senyawa / Zoo, Indonesia) and Ramberto Agozolie (Zoo, Indonesia).
The Gagu (meaning mute in Indonesian) session was initially set up as a collaboration between Abela and the Indonesian punk band Zoo but unfortunately (or not considering the results) the remaining two members of Zoo were not able to attend. So the glass/vocals/drums trio forged on and laid down these twenty-eight frenetic tracks that bridge between, free jazz, dadaesque poetry and abstract noise.
Jason Crummer - NO RENT RECORDS
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sample track below