Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Objet inusité @ Eastern Bloc, Montréal Starts Today

19 - 22 December 2012
International Summit on Audio Art

Eastern Bloc, in collaboration with Suoni per il popolo festival, presents Objet Inusité, an international summit bringing together 15 artists and curators from Montreal and abroad, to collectively explore and discuss the audio/visual aspects of digital art through non-screen based practices. Through exploratory workshops and site-specific installations and performances, particular emphasis is placed on audio art practices that use the "object" as interface, concentrating on objects of an uncommon/non-standard/residual nature. This 4-day event will explore how objects, imbued with a persona, may be activated by their user to take on a life of their own, in a performative or installation context. The presented works seek to examine how the activation of these objects allow for a spontaneous, accidental materialization of the hidden persona of these otherwise inanimate objects. They look at how an object, whether of a discarded or useful nature, can take on a cultural relevance, and how that cultural relevance can be reinterpreted and re-appropriated for an artistic context.

With: Lucas Abela (AU), Thomas Bégin (CA), Peter Blasser (US), Peter Flemming (CA), Gambletron (CA), Jean-Pierre Gauthier (CA), Jeremy Gordaneer (CA), Darsha Hewitt (CA), Yann Leguay (BE/FR), Maxime de la Rochefoucauld (CA) and Keiko Uneishi (US)

Performances : 19 - 21 December | 8pm
Closing event : 22 December | 9pm
Installations : 19 - 22 December | 12pm - 8pm
Workshops : 19 - 22 December| various schedules 

abela events 

Mix Tape INstallation 19-22 12pm to 8pm

Performances by: Lucas Abela (AU), Yann Leguay (BE/FR) and Thomas Bégin (CA)

20 December | 8pm
$10 regular ticket

21 December 2012
Lucas Abela

This workshop will show participants how to design and build the multi tape head analog delay instruments used in Abela’s Mix Tape installation. Cost of workshop covers materials, which include tape deck, metal box, power supply, tape heads, plugs, sockets. Participants will go home with their very own live tape delay instrument.

21 December | 1pm - 4pm

also have two other canadian shows coming up

22nd Toronto @Tranzac and 23rd Ottawa @ Club Saw for more details visit