Monday, July 26, 2010

Justice Yeldham, G'ay USA Tour 2010

Los Angeles 270710 Justice Yeldham @ ding a ling, 1941 Hyperion in Silverlake

Los Angeles 280710 Justice Yeldham @ Spaceland

West Oakland 300710 Justice Yeldham @ East Nile + Kevin Blechdom, Ola Stahl (Sweden), 7EV3.

Los Angeles 310710 Justice Yeldham @ Origami Vinyl

Los Angeles 020810 Justice Yeldham @ Pehrspace

Mexico City 060810 Justice Yeldham @ Simulacros Naturales @ Ex-Teresa Arte Actual + Helios Beltrán.

Easthampton 130810 Justice Yeldham @ flywheelarts + keith fullerton whitman, diagram a.

Boston 140810 Justice Yeldham @ Starlab + Heathen Shame, Wolves and the Radio, The Vomit Arsonist, James Lindsey.

Providence 150810 Justice Yeldham @ TBA

New York 170810 Justice Yeldham @ The Red Light District, 1034 Bay 25th Street, Far Rockaway + Dave Phillips, Yellow Tears, Diablo.

New York 180810 Justice Yeldham @ Port d'Or + Solypsis

Pittsburgh 190810 Justice Yeldham @ THE SHOP, 4312 Main St + Solypsis, Michael Johnsen

Chicago 220810 Justice Yeldham @ neon marshmallow

Minneapolis 230810 Justice Yeldham @ karnak gallery + Solypsis, Disthroned Agony.

Omaha 240810 Justice Yeldham @ the hole, 715 S 16th St + Solypsis, bad speler, violator x, plack blague, and seeded plain

Denver 250810 Justice Yeldham @ Old Curtis Street + Solypsis, Page 27, Armenia.

Wichita 260810 Justice Yeldham @ xibalba, 1005 w. 2nd st + Solypsis, Low Oriole, Vagaries of Magic.

Denton 270810 Justice Yeldham @ THE MAJESTIC DWELLING OF DOOM + Solypsis

Austin 280810 Justice Yeldham @ FREEDUMB FEST 2013 @ Discovery Village, 3305 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd + Solypsis

Houston 290810 Justice Yeldham @ super happy fun land, 9pm + Solypsis, Kai-Ros, Richard Ramirez, Sean E Matzus.

New Orleans 300810 Justice Yeldham @ TBA + Solypsis and heaps more.

Gainesville 310810 Justice Yeldham @ The Laboratory + Solypsis, Aaron Zarzutzki, Ironing, Frog.

Miami 010910 Justice Yeldham @ Churhills + Solypsis, Squelchers

St. Augustine 020910 Justice Yeldham @ Nobby's Sports Tavern + Solypsis, Creep City, Douglas/ Gruda/ Ivy/ Johnson/ Williams Quintet

Savannah 030910 Justice Yeldham @ the sentient bean + Solypsis

Atlanta 040910 Justice Yeldham @ eyedrum + Solypsis, FREE BASS, MIKE PAYNE.

Nashville 050910 Justice Yeldham @ Bettys bar & grill, 407 49th aVE. N. + Solypsis, God willing, Unicorn hard on, Mr natural, Hobbledeions

Johnson City 060910 Justice Yeldham @ The Hideaway, 235 E. main st + Solypsis

Raleigh 070910 Justice Yeldham @ Kings + Solypsis, Irene Moon and Clang Quartet

Richmond 080910 Justice Yeldham @ STRANGE MATTER. + Solypsis, HEAD MOLT and TWILIGHT MEMORIES.

Baltimore 090910 Justice Yeldham @ T hill + Solypsis

Philadelphia 100910 Justice Yeldham @ Pageant:Soloveev + Solypsis

New York 110910 Justice Yeldham @ Silent Barn + Solypsis, Zs, Rust Worship.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lets Build a Fort

basically due to the fact i have hundreds of milk crates left over at the vinyl rally site that need to go someplace i've decided to form a flashmob this sunday to build a children's play fort with milk crates.

cable ties
wire snips (or something you can cut cable ties with)
extra crates (if you could be bothered, i have plenty but the more the merrier i spose)
beer / wine
a plate with food on it
a creative disposition
and friends

Sunday, 11 July 2010
12:30 - 14:30
Green Bans Park
Cnr Erskinevillee Rd and Albert St Erskineville.

here are some awesome crate builds for inspiration

new edited Vinyl Arcade Video

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Al Duvall touring australia with C.W Stoneking

Catch Al Duvall in his lightning fast tour of the great southern land with C.W Stoneking. I have a feeling these will sell out quite quickly so if you can get hold of pre sale tickets do it. Al's most recent release Recluses unite is available from Al at shows or online here as either mp3 download or cd. Rumour has it album number 7 is almost in the can also.

8th July
The Corner Hotel - 57 Swan St, Richmond, Melbourne (ph 03 9427 9198)
or Corner box office Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

9th July
The Prince Of Wales - 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda Melbourne
Ticket sales - (ph 03 9536 1168)
Prince of Wales public bar, Polyester Records (City & Fitzroy), Greville Records (Prahran)

10th July
Selina's @ Coogee Bay Hotel - Cnr Coogee Bay Rd & Arden St, Coogee NSW
Ticket sales - (ph 132 849) & Ticketek outlets, 1300 438 849) & Moshtix outlets

11th July
The Zoo - 711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD
Ticket sales - (ph 1300 762 545)
& all Oztix outlets