Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dodo is a Dog Limited Edition 7"

Not an official dualplover release but this release is very dear to our hearts. The single is dedicated to our beloved Dodo who sadly passed on last year, it features the song Dodo is a Dog which i wrote for him whilst walking him in redfern park.

Besides the hit 'Dodo is a Dog' the single features’s other songs I blurted out unconsciously and then had produced professionally by the good folks at magic key productions, Hollywood California. It’s an extravagant production with embroidered sleeves and rizzeria inserts and is limited to 82 copies representing each and every dog year of Dodo’s amazing life with us.

they cost AUD$20 with shipping anywhere in Australia
or $26 internationally.

PM me for payment details (direct deposit or paypal) stock is strictly limited to 82 copies so you must PM me first to make sure we have enough.

Sleeve notes

And other song tourettes adventures

"When Lucas’ mind is idle he has a strange habit of bursting into song, sometimes your ordinary ear worm but most of the time original lyrics in the form of stings, only a few bars long - I’ve come to describe them as his song tourettes. None of the songs are thought out, they just simply stream from his mouth without warning. For my last two birthdays he decided to write down the lyrics for some of the most memorable, and in some instances wrote additional verses before sending them to Magic Key Productions, a song poem company in Hollywood who put music to lyrics, and these are the results…"

Keg de Souza

Side A
Dodo is a Dog / Huey Duey Louie

Side B
Don’t Touch Me / Keggy the Frog / Big Bamboo / Keg’s a Little Idiot

Lyrics Lucas Abela, Music composed, Arranged and performed by David Fox @ Magic Key Productions, part of the ‘what is not music?’ series on disembraining

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