Sunday, July 5, 2015

IV:BPM will debut in New York at ‘Anxious Spaces II: Installation as Catalyst’ on the 5th July 2015 at the Knockdown Center in Queens NY, curated by Clocktower ProductionsJoe Ahearn & Alanna Heiss the exhibition explores how installations can facilitate & inspire performance.

IV:BPM is a participatory instrument / installation that uses IV drips as the percussive source for a set of portable single beat organic drum machines. Forested together this mass of IV stands will generate overlapping beats coming from a multitude of directions to form complex surround polyrhythmic compositions that are unique to each individual’s binaural experience of the space. The audience will be able to further personalise their experience by intervening with the instrument in three ways; adjusting the IV nozzles to change the BPM, manipulating audio effects platters unique to each stand to augment the sounds and shift the stands within the space to alter the mix. These participatory elements turn the installation into an instrument/drum machine orchestra, performed en mass by random public attendees.

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